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Your One Stop for All Things Quilting!

Your one stop for all things quilting!
This site is a culmination of years of frustration sifting through the myriad of web sites that promise to have information on quilt shops, guilds, shows, etc., only to find the information useless and outdated. Out of this frustration was born! I strive to make Quilters Resources your one-stop in finding current information on all things quilQuilters Resources Logoting - quilt shops, guilds, longarm quilters, quilt shows and events, shop hops, and so much more! has quickly become the largest resource for quilters on the Web with over 1,600 events and nearly 5,000 quilt and sewing shops listed, and the number keeps growing! Click on the links below to see what's going on in your area:

Quilt Shows and Events

Quilt Shops

If you have something to add or update, please email This site is for the quilting community and the more quilters who add information, the better the site will be. My vision is to make the best quilting resource on the web! If you would like more information about me and how I got started, please click here.



From your requests, I've added several new pages and sections. Check them out and keep forwarding me your ideas!

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